Email Verification and Validation class library for ColdFusion, PHP, and JSP
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Realtime Email Address Verifier for CF, PHP and JSP

Email Verifier can perform several checks against an email address including syntax, dns MX lookup, top level domain name validation, and even mail server validation. The library performs as many checks as possible without actually sending an email, and waiting for a bounce. Verification is typically run during server side form validation.

The class library uses 100% server side java, so it works on any platform that supports java. Additionally because it is validation algorithms are written in java it has performance benefits.

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Licensing - per server

Pricing: Starts at $100


ActivEdit 4.0

ActivEdit 4.0 is now available for ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and PHP.. New features include optional xhtml output, improved CSS support, Active Content enabled for IE 7.0, support for Safari, and more.

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