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ActivEdit Screen Shot ActivEdit can be used anyplace where you would normally use a HTML text area, but allows users easily format the data into HTML with a familiar Word Processor interface.
Spell Checker Screen Shot ActivSpell is a server side spell checker that allows developers to use or build a pure HTML/Java Script interface for Textbox's and Textareas.
ActivMail Image ActivMail is a ColdFusion CFX tag that replaces CFMAIL for bulk emails, mailing lists, newsletters, etc. It is capable of sending up to a thousand emails per minute efficiently and reliably. Also, since it is written in Java, it works on all ColdFusion supported platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP).
ColdFusion Code Review Tool
ColdFusion Code Review Tool Screen Shot ColdFusion Code Review Tool is an application for automating code reviews. The tool comes with over 30 built-in rules that check for security, performance, accessibility, style, and bug related issues. In addition to the built in rules you can easily create your own rules, in just 4 lines of CFML code.
Email Verifier
Email Verifier Email Verifier can perform several checks against an email address including syntax, dns MX lookup, top level domain name validation, and even mail server validation. The library performs as many checks as possible without actually sending an email, and waiting for a bounce. Verification is typically run during server side form validation.

Other Products
Product Name Description Price
ActivSpell 2.0 Server side Spell Checking with Java Price List
Datasource Add, Edit, and List ODBC datasources for Access, or SQL Server databases Price List
CFX_Google Access the Google Search Engine with the Google Web API through ColdFusion, Free and Open Source FREE
CF_Macromedia_Resources Download parse and display xml new feeds from FREE
CF_Alert Creates a JavaScript PopUp Alert Box FREE
cf_highlight Highlights all occurrences of selected words in a block of text. FREE
sessionWatch Offers users an option to extend a session. FREE
CF_AntiSpam Anti Spam prevents spam bots (or email harvesters) from harvesting email addresses contained on web pages. FREE
CFX_SOAP A simple Free and Open Source SOAP client for ColdFusion FREE
CFX_XMLParser A fast Java CFX XML Parser for ColdFusion FREE
CFX_JSocket Free and Open Source Java CFX Tag A Java Based Socket Client for ColdFusion, great for SOAP requests. FREE
cf_combobox Creates a combination dropdown and text input box. FREE
CF_DataSource Encrypted Add, Edit, and List ODBC datasources for Access, or SQL Server databases FREE
CF_OptionSelected CF_OptionSelected simplifies generating dynamic OPTION tags. FREE
QueryBrowse QueryBrowse is a ColdFusion Custom tag allows a developer to easily display the contents of the query in a table, with a "click for next n" browsing features. FREE
Browser Check UDF Library A User Defined Function Library for ColdFusion 5.0 and up. The Library checks to see what the user browsing your site is running, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Windows, Mac, etc. FREE
Translate Translates a string of text from one language to another. Ten different language combinations supported. This tag uses the babelfish translation engine. FREE
cf_flash Ever accidently hit the Reset button over Submit? Use this CF tag to make certain form elements stand out, by making them flash. FREE
cf_findit Allows visitors to easily search for a particular string of text on your page. FREE
cf_encrypt Encrypts a string of text. Good for low security encryption. No Decryption function provided. FREE
AutoCopy A recursive directory copier FREE
AutoResize A tag based on Jukka Manner's CFX_Image tag, which allows dynamic resizing of photos and automatic thumbnail creation. FREE
Arachnid Input a URL, and an Email Address, and it submits the URL to the top search engines. FREE

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ActivEdit 4.0

ActivEdit 4.0 is now available for ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and PHP.. New features include optional xhtml output, improved CSS support, Active Content enabled for IE 7.0, support for Safari, and more.

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ColdFusion Developers Journal Award for Best Custom Tag, Activedit

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